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Lotto ticket Sales

We are pleased to announce that our Lotto Draw will recommence from the Covid19 lockdown on Friday, September 4th.

Lotto tickets will continue to be sold by our dedicated team of sellers. However, many of you have asked us to provide an online sales facility. In doing this we have focused on ticket bundles that we consider might be attractive to potential purchasers. When you buy lotto tickets you are providing the club with much needed financial support to meet our ever-increasing running costs. You are also giving yourself a chance to win weekly prizes or the Lotto Jackpot itself and most of the ticket bundles below offer savings against the €2 face value of the tickets purchased.

What you need to do:

Purchase one or more of the ticket bundles below. For the three ticket weekly bundles, you need to send us three sets of 4 selected numbers from 1 to 28. You may enter different names for each set if you wish.

Your receipt

You will receive an acknowledgement of your payment by email. If you receive the acknowledgement prior to 7.30pm on the day of the draw your tickets will be entered that night. An acknowledgement received by you after 7.30pm on Friday may not be entered in the draw that night and may be entered for the first time in the draw on the following Friday. Your selected numbers will then be entered each week for the duration of your ticket bundle.


You can view the weekly Lotto results on this website or on the club’s Facebook page. Winners will be notified. Thanks for your support.

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