1. All entries will be entered into a random draw to select their 6 teams.
2. All entries will be unique where you will be assigned one team per official Euro 2021 groups.
3. Any matches that go to a penalty shoot out, the goals scored during the penalty shootout will not be counted.
4. Penalties scored during and upto the end of extra time will be counted.
5. In the scenario where the top goals scored, wooden spoon or dirtiest entry at the end of the competition is the same amongst participants, allocated prize money will be shared equally.
6. Wooden spoon will be awarded to the entry that scores the fewest goals throughout the competition.
7. Dirtiest entry will be measured on cards issued. A red card will be worth 2 points. A yellow card is worth 1 point. Second Yellow in match will not be counted.
8. No limit on the number of entries.